NVQ offering


A business is only as good as the staff it employs and develops. That’s why companies are continuing to invest in the right type of training that will equip the workforce with the right kind of skills needed to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive global economy. With this in mind, National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) are work based awards, which means that most of the training can be completed in the workplace, minimising disruption to the working day. For some courses, especially apprenticeships, some day release training may be required.

Get in contact with us today on 01295 770789 and we will talk you through the NVQ programmes we have available. Our professional and friendly construction training specialists are certain to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for you to take your career further. Our range of courses includes anything from slinger and signaller training to abrasive wheels training; find out how we can help you or your company improve its efficiency.

What are the benefits to an organisation?

  • Increased productivity and staff morale.
  • Helps create a learning skills culture.
  • Aids recruitment and retention of key staff.
  • Competent, knowledgeable staff that are trained to National Occupational Standards for the sector.
  • Can be used to motivate staff and linked to the appraisal process.
  • Forms a basis for planning human resources.

What are the benefits to the employees?

  • Official recognition of their knowledge, skills and competency to be able to do the job effectively.
  • Motivation to progress within the business and achieve greater working capacities.
  • Planned career development – NVQs start at level 1 and progress to level 8 within the QCF.
  • A flexible route to becoming qualified.
  • Increases self-confidence, instils a feeling of personal achievement



Should the candidate hold the sufficient experience and can provide the correct evidence in which they are completing

their NVQ they would be eligable to achieve the relevant CSCS card in their requested category.
This route allows the candidate to achieve their NVQ whilst on-site, in their current working environment.

OSAT delivery is the most effective and affordable way of gaining the individuals relevant CSCS card and can be achieved by following these three easy steps:

Assessor contacts candidates to profile them and confirm they are on the correct qualification.

Site visits to gather evidence via site observation and questioning.

Review and sign off to complete and gain relevant card.