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What courses do you provide?

We specialise in:
- plant training and testing
- equipment training and testing
- health and safety
- plus many other NVQ and RQF-based qualifications

What qualifications do I need before starting a new one?

We have a range of courses that are ideal for beginners. You don't need any qualifications to take part. We can help you climb a whole new career ladder.

If I need to cancel or have particular requirements, who should I inform?

Please contact us in 01295 770789 to let us know as soon as possible, we always do everything we can to help our trainees.


How do I complete an NVQ?

You will have an induction for the relevant NVQ. Your assessor will explain what evidence will be required. The introduction will include questions on the specific category you are doing as well as basic health and safety. You will have to provide evidence of your work which could include a witness testimony from your employer, photos and a professional discussion.

How long does it take to complete an NVQ?

This depends on the individual and how long it takes to gather the evidence and fill out his/her portfolio.


Is there a written test for a CPCS card?

No, the theory test is recorded. The tester will read out all the questions and answers will be given verbally this is all recorded on a dictaphone.

What happens if I do not achieve the theory test?

If the theory test is not achieved, then you cannot attempt the practical test.

What happens if I do not achieve the practical test but achieve the theory test?

If the theory test is achieved but the practical is not, then the theory test is valid for six months. You can attempt the practical test again within those six months.

I do not have enough hours in my logbook to renew a category, what can I do?

You can apply for an onsite assessment. This is notified through CPCS in the same way that a practical test would be done.

Can a CPCS test be done on site?

Certain categories can be completed on site such as piling rigs and concrete pumps, but a lot are restricted to be completed at training centres. Contact us for specific details.

CPCS Red Card

How do I gain a CPCS Red card?

To gain a CPCS red card you must first complete a health and safety touch screen test and the pass a relevant theory and practical tests for a specific category.

How long does a CPCS red card last for?

The CPCS red card lasts for a period of two years in which time you must complete an NVQ level 2 to convert your card to a blue competence card. Your red card could be extended for up to a third year if you are registered for the NVQ.

CPCS Blue Card

How long does a CPCS blue card last for?

The CPCS blue card lasts for five years during which time you must record three hundred hours for each category you hold on the card and you must sit the renewal touch screen test for each category. Also, you must have an in-date health and safety touch screen test valid within the last two years.

Lost Cards

I've lost my CPCS card. How do I get a replacement card?

To apply for a duplicate or to replace a lost card, contact CPCS on 0844 815 7274. The process costs £28

Additional CPCS FAQs

You will need to undertake the following steps:

You will need to have passed the Health, Safety and Environment Touch Screen Test within the last two years. The test itself is situated on computer workstations, where you have 45 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. ACT are accredited with CITB and Pearson VUE to deliver these tests at our Southam training centre.

You may need training for the category of plant based on experience. ACT can provide you free plant assessments at our Southam training centre where we can assess your experience and give you the most honest and accurate quote for how much training you need (if any). See our CPCS Plant Training course page for more information.

You will need to achieve both a CPCS theory and practical test for the particular category of plant. The theory test will be a one-on-one verbal session with a tester. The practical test will consist of you undertaking a series of practical activities. ACT is an accredited CPCS test centre with a purpose-built testing facility in Southam for practical testing. See our CPCS page for all of the tests we can provide.

Upon passing the CPCS theory and practical tests, you will normally be awarded a CPCS red card. You then have two years to gain the relevant plant-based NVQ. This will be either an NVQ in Plant Operations or Controlling Lifting Operations.

Please note that NVQs in Plant Operations generally have groupings (for example, Forward Tipping Dumpers, Rear Tipping Dump Trucks and Agricultural Tractors are all in the same grouping). So if you already have the relevant plant-based NVQ for that grouping category of plant, you will be eligible for a blue card instead of a red card.

Under scheme rules, the CPCS Red card is non-renewable. CPCS will allow an extension upon registration of the NVQ Level 2, subject to scheme rules.

The CPCS Blue Card is valid for 5 years and can be renewed in accordance with scheme rules. Please contact us to renew your card.