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We have a variety of resources that will aid you in furthering your knowledge in the construction industry. These links are resources that are held on the Construction Skills website and these will help with your course and also help you pass your theory test & practical test.

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CPCS Card Renewals

CPCS Blue Card Renewal

CPCS Red Card

CPCS Onsite Assessments

Categories A02 to A40 only

Categories A41 to A74 inc. D90

CPCS Revision material

CPCS Practical test – Standard

Standard Practical Tests for A02–A40

Standard Practical Tests for A41 – A78 inc D90, D91 and D92

CPCS Practical test – Advanced

Advanced Practical Tests for A02–A40

Advanced Practical Tests for A41 – A78 inc D90, D91 and D92

CPCS Theory test – Questions

Theory Test Questions for A02 – A40

Theory Test Questions for A41 – A78 inc D90, D91 and D92

CPCS Logbook

Download Logbook – A5 Size

How to fill in your Logbook

Supplementary Logbook

CPCS validations checklist

CPCS category information

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