The CPCS training scheme aims to provide proof of the skills and abilities of plant operators. It is based on a mix of professional competence, experience on site and health and safety awareness – three essential qualities for operating plant machinery safely and effectively. Being more effective in the workplace means that all construction jobs are completed quicker and to a better standard. Many companies have taken the opportunity to give their staff construction training and they have benefited from it.

As an accredited CPCS test centre we offer a wide range of construction plant courses, a great on centre experience and fully qualified trainers and testers. We provide the best service in getting you the training you need which can include a wide variety from 1 day to 10 day CPCS training courses. Our highly experienced trainers provide expert advice and guidance to ensure all participants of our CPCS training courses leave with everything they need to be safe and efficient at the work place.

The CPCS test consists of a professional one-to-one theoretical exam, followed by a practical examination. The theory exam will be recorded by one of our testers and the CPCS practical test could also be video recorded, if required. These tests can be randomly monitored to ensure quality and standards remain to those expected. Both parts will assess competency in operating plant machinery.

The majority of CPCS testing must be completed at one of our registered CPCS test centres, unless it is an off centre category (see training guidance for on/off centre categories), but we are also able to come to site for certain categories that are off centre. Our purpose built centre in Fenny Compton that covers over 5 acres, where we are able to process up to 24 tests per day, depending on the course category. This means sending work gangs to us in one go is not a problem and if operatives need to do multiple categories in one day, that is also possible.

Call us today on 01295 770789  to discuss which CPCS training requirements you have. We provide a wide range of courses which ensure that construction workers are able to have the experience they need to work efficiently in the workplace. From CPCS vehicle banksman training to a wide range of other course; we will provide the courses you need.

***If your company pays LEVY then we will process all levy claims on your behalf, as well as all certification and card applications.

We provide Level 2 Plant NVQs for all of the above, along with Level 4 and Level 5 OSAT NVQs for Lifting Operations.

For more information please view our NVQ process guide or contact us on T: 01295 770789  E: info@appleconstructiontraining.co.uk