Roles & Responsibilities

  • Explain their duties, role, responsibilities and any limitations, including the procedures when capabilities are exceeded, of those marshalling or guiding the movement of plant and vehicles in a variety of situations or locations
  • Outline the hierarchy of control measures for plant and vehicle movement, and the requirements of a work management traffic plan
  • Outline organisational and operational procedures for plant and vehicle accessing or egressing the public highway, and the effects on other road users

Types of Plant & Vehicles

  • Explain types, attributes, limitations, hazards and stability factors on a range of typical plant and work-related vehicles relevant to the occupational area or sector
  • Explain the requirements of and types, functionality, advantages and limitations of a range of driver visibility aids for a range of occupationally relevant plant and vehicles

Work Area Layout Requirements

  • Explain how ground conditions and features, proximity hazards and weight limits can affect the operations of plant and vehicles for different access points and work areas
  • Explain the importance and locations of positions of safety for a marshaller and other personnel


  • Describe and use different types of communication methods for receiving and communicating vehicle and plant movements
  • Communicate vehicle and plant movement information to drivers/operators and others involved with related operations, including when plant or vehicles must stop
  • Explain the procedures to be followed if given information is insufficient and/or there is deviation from the given safe system of work

Preparing for the movement of Plant & Vehicles

  • Assess and confirm that the area for plant and vehicles movement remains suitable for manoeuvring activities, exclusion zones are maintained and contains suitable locations to undertake marshalling duties
  • Select appropriate sector-specific PPE and resources suitable for marshalling duties

Guiding Plant & Vehicle Movements

  • Guide and assist the movement of and position at given exact locations, a range of typical plant and vehicles using the approved code of signals
  • Guide and assist plant and vehicles into and from restricted areas using forward and reverse motions using the approved code of signals
  • Guide and assist the movement of plant to support the duties being carried out by a plant operator
  • Ensure that the manoeuvring area is kept and left safe during operations, and following the departure of plant and vehicles