Roles & Responsibilities

  • Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a plant operator

Preparing for Work

  • construction, controls and terminology
  • Conform with manufacturer’s requirements as per the operator’s handbook, other types of information source and relevant regulations and legislation
  • Explain all relevant documentation
  • Undertake all pre-use checks on the host vehicle and loader crane

Travelling & Manouvering

  • Configure the vehicle and loader crane ready for travel
  • Travel the vehicle to an area of work
  • Manoeuvre in confined spaces

Setting up for work

  • Position and configure the vehicle and loader crane for lifting duties
  • Deploy the stabilisers to specification
  • Explain action required for hazards, underground and overhead services

Working Tasks

  • Programme / set-up and/or comply with Rated Capacity Indicators or Load Moment Indicators for lifting duties
  • Identify weights and centres of gravity of loads
  • Lift various loads using the full radius and slewing capabilities of the loader crane
  • Place loads accurately at designated positions including on/into and from the vehicle
  • Explain the use of, types and fitting of boom extensions
  • Minimise the swinging of loads
  • Secure loads on or in the vehicle
  • Explain different types of lifting accessories compatible with loader crane use
  • Maintain safe working situations

Completing Work

  • Prepare the crane in preparation of movement from lifting duties

Shutting Down

  • Carry out shut down and securing procedures