CITB SEATS – Site Environmental Awareness Training Course

Course Overivew

The course meets the basic environmental knowledge that the sub-contract chain are required to prove to major contractors, and covers the environmental aspects of the new HS&E touch screen test. 

COurse Objective

Completion of the course the delegate will gain knowledge and understanding in

  • what is meant by the term ‘environment’
  • how to deal with archaeology and heritage on a construction project
  • effective waste management
  • pollution controls, and why the environment should be protected
  • the use of environmental management systems
  • why it is important to be a good neighbour and responsible contractor
  • stand the need to protect the environment
  • implement environmental management systems into the management of the site
  • have an understanding of the impact archaeology and heritage can have on a site
  • identify the principles of the good neighbour initiative
  • appreciate the need to be a responsible contractor

ENTRY requirements

To be enter and this course, there are no formal entry requirements for this course. Bare in mind the course has been developed for construction supervisors and this should therefore be considered before enrolling delegates onto this course.

who should attend

The SEATS course is suitable for staff with management or supervisory responsibilities. 


Testing will be by multiple-choice questions at the end of the course.

The examination paper is compulsory and consist of 25 questions: 22 multiple choice questions and 3 multiple response questions.

The examination pass mark is 80% (24 out of 30).

It forms the basis of assessment as to whether or not a delegate has successfully achieved a satisfactory level of health and safety awareness for a certificate of achievement to be issued.

The examination lasts for 30 minutes and must be completed within the set time frame


The course is a 1 day course consisting of 7/8 hours you must attend to pass the course


Upon completion of the course and passing all required assessments the delegate will be awarded a CITB SEATS certificate. The certificate is valid for 5 years.

CITB Grant

Yes. Please speak to a member of a sales team should you require any further information.